Warning (posted in March)

April update to this post: this warning can now be discounted, but reasonable care is advised.

A tree by the area near the Manning’s Pit bridge lost a very large branch in the recent storms. It now appears that two other branches (big enough to cause serious injury if they fell on anyone) could also be at risk of falling any time.

Please be careful if crossing the Manning’s Pit bridge, and avoid the area that has recently been cleared of brambles.

The fallen branch is pale in colour, and the tree above (from which it fell) has two trunks, one covered with ivy.
This photograph is from late January, and shows Dad’s Army clearing the brambles. You can see the tree that lost its branch (later) on the left, and also you can see how close this tree is to the Manning’s Pit bridge. Please be cautious if using the bridge or the footpath on the right.

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