Save Manning’s Pit message from Costa Rica

While all is quiet for the moment on the Manning’s Pit front – we still wait for news about when the Planning Application will come before the Planning Committee – our supporters are still thinking about our campaign wherever they go.

seamus-costa-rica341-800This photo came with the message “Seamus flying the flag for Manning’s Pit in the Costa Rican rain forest.”


Some more messages.

Here are some more photographs with messages of support, one from Acomo’s (see Ugandan message below) husband, up on the Mendip’s, the other two from the Bulpett family on a trip to Birmingham. the first photograph shows Chris Bulpett (one of the stars of our film) outside the new Birmingham Library, the second Birmingham photograph includes his wife Jane and another family who lived for many years in Lynbro road, overlooking Manning’s Pit.

Wherever they go, people remember Manning’s Pit.


Message from Uganda

Our first “Save Manning’s Pit” message from Africa!

uganda-5-0689_oWe were very excited to receive our first message from a new continent. We have had messages from the Arctic, from the USA, from Australia (loads of them) from Spain, from Thailand, from Haiti…  the list goes on, but none until now from Africa.

These photographs were sent to us from Acomo Lovelock. The people in the photograph work on her family’s farm, which is called Pamin-Yai Farm, and the leaves are cassave leaves.

Acomo has walked in Manning’s Pit herself quite a few times when visiting family here in Pilton.



The Green Man Festival

It was raining for much of the day, and, just like last year, it wasn’t easy to show some of our displays, but we still had a good time, plenty  more new people signed our petition and told us stories about how much Manning’s Pit means to them.

This photograph was taken near the end of the day, when it was less crowded. Our banner, which had looked very professional, had begun to slip, perhaps because of the rain.  Yet again, our stand was just outside Benjamin Manning’s old house.