Auction Update:

A new statement:

Following the unsuccessful sale of Manning’s Pit at auction on Wednesday 23rd September we have opened a dialogue with the seller to see if we can agree terms and it is more important than ever that people donate to help us reach a figure that will get the deal over the line.’’

Go to our website, for information about how to donate.

Bradiford Water in the Rope Swing field.

Sunday’s Sunrise to Sunset Event

After starting a long post about this event, the draft failed to save properly, so we are going to do our best to reconstitute it. In June we marked the summer solstice with a Dawn to Dusk event, starting at 5am and finishing at 9.40pm. On Sunday the 20th September, we did another event, like a relay again, to mark the upcoming autumn equinox. This time we only had to start at 7am, and finish at 7pm.

Here is John, facing East for the sunrise.


Next to walk round the fields was Zsuzsa, looking very fit as she started off
Kate takes the metaphorical baton at 8am.
And she hands over to Bev at 8.30, strictly no touching….
Here are Chris and her neighbour at 9.30, with Wendy who had walked with Kate at 9oclock
At ten it was Paul from the Yeo Dale Hotel’s turn -the rest of his family were working so there in spirit.
At 10.30 it was time for our Secretary Chris and his wife Jane to take over…looking very fit.
At 11 it was the turn of four neighbours froom Lynbro Road, including Ian Scott, seen here down by Manning’s Pit Bridge.
Then at 12 along came intrepid explorer Clare, who has carried Save Manning’s Pit banners to the Arctic, Greenland and Iceland.

The second instalment will be uploaded later!

Total raised by 5pm last night – £104,261

This is a fantastic achievement for a small community at a time of great financial uncertainty, and the money is still coming in.

Thank you so much, every one of you. Somehow we lost the draft posting with all the photos from Sunday, but we will put them up again as soon as we can. For the moment, here are just a few:

The Gomez family, just about to set out on their walk. They have been great helpers delivering leaflets.
Ryan Voules, who won First Prize in the 12 – 18 category of the Inaugural Manning’s Pit Poetry Competition with his poem “Together”

Here is a link to the Poem and also a link to a video of him reading the Poem that has been a real inspiration to us all: video

The Smith family about to go on their walk. Darren told us he’d seen kingfishers down by the river about six times in recent days.

Lost draft!

What a time to lose a draft Blog Post, with lots of photos of people enjoying themselves in Manning’s Pit on Sunday. The new changes on this platform may be good, but first you have to figure how to use them!

Save Manning’s Pit for Victor

There are so many stories we can tell, from so many people, and many we have covered in our News page or over the years of this campaign.

Victor is a dog who was found wandering the streets of Bucharest, and we will be telling his story in more detail later, but for now it is enough to say that he was rescued by a Charity, and ended up here in North Devon, where he is enjoying a new and happy life, with daily walks in Manning’s Pit.