The Queen of Seaweed

This week, two of us went on a little tour of Ilfracombe and Braunton, delivering Poetry Competition leaflets. We visited Ilfracombe Library (which has what is probably the best view from its windows of any Library in England) the Lantern Theatre and the Tourist Information Centre there, an interesting Arts and Crafts Gallery, and Ilfracombe Museum, where we were told about Amelia Griffiths, the “Queen of Seaweed” a wonderful woman scientist who was born in Pilton in 1768. She lived there until her marriage when she was about 25, and while we do not know this for sure, she was very likely to have walked in the fields that are now known as Manning’s Pit.

You can find out more about her here:

Everywhere we went, people already knew about our campaign, which was a testament to the power of all those signs and posters. So keep putting up new ones and refreshing the old, and remember the Yeo Dale Hotel sign may be down at the moment but it can go up again in a flash if a new application comes in to the Council.



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