Results of Photo Competition

It was a great day at the Green Man Festival and the Exhibition felt like a real succees. Unfortunately – as usual! – and ironically in the circumstances – we were short of a good photographer to take photos of the prizewinners. So the photos here are rather fuzzy, but the best for the moment.

Anyway, there were some beautiful photographs on show, and the winners were:

1st Prize Matthew Steele (aged 15)

2nd Prize Susan Jarvis

3rd Prize Lucy Robinson

They all live in Pilton and have been great supporters of our campaign. Many thanks to Adrian Beasley who Judged the competition, Katie Simpkins who organised it and Bev Snowden who presented the prizes.

There’ll be more about the Exhibition tomorrow – it is on tomorrow as well, but only from 10-4, rather than 10-5 as today.

We have so many people to thank as well that it will take an extra post to list them all!

Here are the photos of the prizewinners, and also one of Bev giving Matthew his prize.





Our Exhibition at the Green Man Festival this weekend

We are open on both the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend, and have some very exciting exhibits and displays to show everyone.

The Photo Competion results will be announced on the Saturday at 1pm and we are very grateful to photographer Adrian Beasley who was our Judge.

Hope to see you there – more news to come!  Details of the Exhibition are on the website Home Page but just for starters, we have amazing photographic banners, a forager’s cook book, items about the environmentalists who have supported us, including James Lovelock (100 in a week’s time, with a book just entering the best seller lists) lots of photos and information about the plants and wildlife of Manning’s Pit and the Bradiford Valley, a big Display from Devon Birds Preservation Society, maps of all kinds, and so on… and so on…

Dormouse poking head out of box

Coffee Morning this weekend: Pilton Parish Hall, Saturday June 8th, 10 am to 1 pm.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this weekend when we hold our first Coffee Morning for a while. The aim of the Coffee Morning is to raise funds for our upcoming Exhibition and help the Church Hall, where we will be holding the Exhibition, but we also look forward to meeting up with our supporters again after what has been a quietish time.

If you are thinking of entering the Photo Competition and have any queries about it, Katie, the Competition organiser will be at the Coffee Morning to answer them. Time is rushing by, and the deadline is only a few weeks away now, so don’t delay getting out in the fields with your camera!

Plans for the Exhibition on July 20/21 (over the Green Man Festival Weekend) are progressing fast, and it looks as if we will have some exciting and interesting exhibits.  The results of the Photo Competition will be announced on Saturday 20th and the photographs will be part of the Exhibition.

EPSON MFP image As mentioned above, it has been a quiet time without any action on the planning front, but our supporters continue sending their messages from all parts of Britain and across the Globe.

Here is John Lovelock with his Poster in Buenos Aires, Argentina this May:


March update

Not very much is happening this month! Well, that is news of a sort!

It is a year now since the application for building permission  on Manning’s Pit was withdrawn. A lot has happened since then, all of it good, but the land is still owned by London-based speculators, so we cannot claim victory yet.

However, as we settle down for what may be another long “phoney war”  we think we are entitled to a little break, which is why we haven’t been posting much here for a while.  You can be assured that we haven’t gone away, and in fact we are working towards our next Exhibition, which will be in July, at the Green Man Festival.

Along with the Exhibition there will be a Photographic Competition, details of which will be posted soon.

We have other plans in store as well, for the future, and we would like to add that we always welcome new supporters, so if you have recently moved into Pilton and would like to become involved, do contact us through the email link on our website,

Pussy Willow  Catkins near Manning’s Pit are among our first signs of spring.


Presentation Evening- Group Photograph

poetry comp (1) From left to right:  Richard Westcott (Highly Commended),  Julia Bird (the Judge),  Ryan Vowles (First 18 and Under),  David Weeks (Executive Director,  The Week Magazine) Alex Meller (Third, 11 and Under),  Frances Corkey Thompson (Second, Adults),  Mark Totterdell (First, Adults),  Megumi Cox (Highly Commended),  Vincent Burton (2nd, 11 and Under),  Mark Haworth Booth (3rd, Adults),  Sheena Ferguson (Highly Commended),  and Brian Norman (whose poem The Battle of Manning’s Pit gave us the idea for the competition).  Thanks to Tim Saunders for the photograph of those who were able to attend the presentation.

Sadly, because of illness, Toby and Theo Lawrence and Anne Beer were unable to come, and the same was true for the two students from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, Holly Cooke and Lily Gentry.

More photographs to be added later today, and then a link to all the videos.

All the winning poems are on the website here: