We have a song!

A great night was had by everyone at the Party – and how stoical we all are, since there were problems with the heating and it was a very cold night. But Manning’s Pit supporters are made of stern stuff, as we always knew!

The highlight of the night was Martin Haddrill’s performance of his song for Manning’s Pit.  We have always wanted a song, and he has done us proud.  Thank you again Martin!

Here he is, below:


and here is a video made later as the quality from the night wasn’t good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMPEVzURYvM



Save Manning’s Pit message from India

This wonderful poster (below) came to us from Miss Stuti Billore who lives in New Delhi, India. She saw the messages on our website and decided to produce one of her own: it is quite beautiful and one of the best that we have ever had, so thank you Stuti!

She also sent us the attached image below, with the blue butterflies, which can also be seen in Manning’s Pit on a summer’s day, although we don’t know if they are common in New Delhi too.


The Local Plan is adopted

The joint Local Plan for North Devon and Torridge has been adopted, which is very good for anyone who cares about the future of Manning’s Pit, which is outside the development boundary. Following on from the listing of Manning’s Pit as an Asset of Community Value, it now has further protection.

You can read more about this here:


and here:


Spotted in Manning’s Pit recently….

Not a bellowing of bullfinches, a charm of goldfinches, or a parliament of owls, but something more exotic – a Stanza of poets, seeking inspiration for our Poetry Competition.

What is a Stanza?  Well, according to Google it is ‘a group of lines forming the basic recurring metrical unit in a poem; a verse.’  It is also – however – a poetry group run by Poetry Society members. You can read more at this link: https://poetrysociety.org.uk/membership/poetry-society-stanzas/

We were very pleased to meet members of the Poetry Society’s North Devon Stanza on their recent visit to Manning’s Pit, and they seemed to find their visit inspiring. Several poets commented on the wonder of finding such a beautiful spot so close the town, and the importance of having a place that town dwellers could walk to without the need of a car.  Some of them have already started on their poems, so we look forward very much to the results of the competition.


This photograph shows some of the poets at the entrance to Tutshill Woods, and includes (from the right) Mark Haworth Booth, Pat Millner, Frances Corkey Thompson and (fifth from the right) Pat Glover, along with accompanying non-poets.  All those named are award-winning poets (see links below)

Pat Glover: https://www.exmoorsociety.com/content/news/poetry-competition

Frances Corkey Thompson: https://www.happenstancepress.com/index.php/happenstance-poets/63-thompson-frances-corkey

Pat Millner https://www.theploughartscentre.org.uk/event/evening-poetry-and-music

Mark Haworth Booth  http://markhaworthbooth.com/poetry/