Late Summer News

The Coffee morning was a success and we raised a good amount to help with funds going forward. We have been quiet otherwise, with many of our members away over the summer. The fields are baked dry, far browner than normal but hopefully the small amount of recent rain will help to rejuvenate the grass.

There was some drama on Saturday August 13th when the entrances to the fields were blocked by the police and during a long and very hot afternoon a number of armed policemen were patrolling Manning’s Pit and the adjacent fields and woods. Helicopters also circled incessantly overhead and local residents were understandably nervous. In the end, the suspect was apprehended, and the police vacated the area, to eveyone’s relief. For a while it had felt as if we were in an episode of Line of Duty! We don’t have very much more information about the incident as of now, but hopefully have good reason to be grateful for the police action.

The area by the Manning’s Pit bridge is almost clear of brambles now, and grass is spreading across the bare earth. We hope that by next summer it will be back to the way it once was. A little more work will be needed still and we will be putting out a call for more volunteers to help with that soon

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