Prize Giving Evening Update

It was Nigel Dilkes, who was Vicar of Pilton until recently, who suggested we hold our Saki Short Story Competition event in the Church. It has close historical connections to Saki. He used to come to the Church as a boy, with his sister and brother and Aunt “Tom”‘. It is quite possible thatt Benjamin Manning would have been there sometimes too, and we know that Crimean War hero Colonel Hugh Hibbert and his wife Sarah Hibbert were regular members of the congregation, around the same time. So we are very grateful to Revd Marion Sanders and Church Members for allowing us to begin our evening there.

The Event begins in Pilton Church and then we move to Pilton Church Hall at half time for refreshments.Please note there will not be be toilet facilities at the Church, but these will be available at the Hall, which is one of the reasons why we will be making the move, along with having more space for wine and nibbles.

With Covid cases high in the area, and some vulnerable people possibly attending the Event, we have limited the numbers of people attending. We are also asking people to wear masks while in the Church and seat themselves one meter apart unless in a bubble. Also if it is wet, please be careful on the cobbled path leading to and from the Church as it can become slippery.

If you would like to come to this Event but have not contacted us yet, please do so at once as we still may be able to fit you in. .

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