Thank you everyone

There are so many people we would like to thank, and we hope you all know how grateful we are. We have been very quiet since the announcement made on June 20th for several reasons. The photograph below shows some of you in the field on the day of the announcement.

One reason for being quiet is that – frankly – we have worked very hard for nearly six years (since we heard the news in September 2015 that Manning’s Pit was for sale) and we needed a break.

Another reason was that there remained some problems to sort, most especially the access into Manning’s Pit from Windsor Road. This problem has now been resolved and, as soon as our volunteer maintenance team are back from their holidays, work will begin on a proper entrance, so that – at long last – there will be easy pedestrian access there again.

Thirdly, and perhaps most important, we don’t need to be in a hurry. Throughout our campaign, the message has always been that we want to keep Manning’s Pit as it is, a part of our rural heritage, allowing access for the public at the same time as protecting the wildlife.

We will need to raise an amount of money going forward, to cover various costs such as Insurance, but this will be nothing like the amount we needed to raise before. With Covid still around, especially in Pilton and North Devon, we are taking this carefully too, and while we long to start up our Coffee Mornings again, we are being careful for the moment. All suggestions are welcome, as are volunteers, so if you would like to be more involved, email us at

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