Prayers for Manning’s Pit

We have posted information about all the politicians from all the parties who have shown support (we value them all whatever party they come from) and we also thought it would be good to give a mention to all the local Churches and Church members as well.

The entrance to the 13th century Pilton Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin in Pilton. Benjamin Manning and the boy Hector Munro (Saki) both attended services here.

Nigel Dilkes and Marion Sanders from Pilton Church were partners in last year’s Environmental Exhibition and have been invaluable supporters all the way through the campaign.

The Rev Nigel Dilkes’ Display about the Plant and Animal life of Manning’s Pit at our 2019 Exhibition in Pilton Church Hall.

Other churches such as the Catholic, Baptist and Methodist Churches may not be based in Pilton, but many of their members have been terrific supporters as well.

So many people have told us that they never walk in Manning’s Pit without saying a prayer that it will be saved. We think that even the non-believers among us are happy to thank them for that. Miracles can happen, whatever your definition of the word is.


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