Sunrise to Sunset – Part Two

Apologies for being late putting these photos up – we have been so busy since the Auction, trying to raise more money, that we haven’t had much spare time for anything else.

The rest of our report on the event on September 20th follows below:

Here are the Gomez family, about to start their walk – grandmother, parents, children and family dog. They are great supporters and had been out delivering leaflets for us a few days earlier. This photograph demonstrates perfectly how much Manning’s Pit means to people of all generations. One thing we know for sure – however long we have to keep on fighting, at the point where some of us have to hand over the metaphorical relay baton there will be plenty of younger people coming along to take over from us.

The Gomez family

Next came one of the heroes of the campaign, Ryan Vowles. Ryan was the winner of the 18 and Under Category in the nationwide Inaugural Manning’s Pit Poetry competition. His poem Together remains so inspirational and here is a link to him reading it at the Competition Presentation evening. He also helped us launch the Buy Manning’s Pit campaign.

Ryan in the centre

Another star of our campaign to be out walking was Graciella Sillence-Dreyfur, who won a Joint First Prize in the CPRE Devon Painting Competition with a beautiful painting of the alder tree that can be seen from the Old Stone Bridge. Although just beyond the land for sale, this tree has become quite symbolic to many people as its setting would be so spoiled if houses were close by.

In the photo are Graciella (on the right) and her family.

One of the great things about Manning’s Pit is the fact that even when there are quite a lot of people using it, it doesn’t feel crowded. Even at its busiest – during lockdown – there was always plenty of space to isolate.

While we were there most of the day, we didn’t manage to take photographs of every stage of the Relay – and not everyone had the right kind of phone to take selfies.

Here is one though, which included – in the background – more campaign “stars” Asha Cartmell and her mother Pip, with their new rescue greyhound Paddy. Asha and Alena were in both of the films made during the campaign, and you can see Alena on our website front page, in the photograph taken with the developer’s representative. Pip and her husband Mark run the very popular Pilton Cinema, which has had to be closed during the pandemic unfortunately.

Our local Town Councillor Janet Coates was another person to do the walk, and she sent us a photo of her dog Misty instead. We have a photograph of her though from another weekend, posing under the Save Manning’s Pit banner that was hanging from the balcony of a house bordering the field. The banner has had to be moved since because the balcony railings weren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the banner when it became windy, but it is still up elsewhere beside the field.

The Smith family are in the next photograph, Karen , Darren and their father/father-in-law, as well as family dog. They are especially interested in the wildlife, and Darren told us he has spotted kingfishers down by the river six different times recently. Here they are, about to set off down to the river:

The Smith family

Finally – and much earlier than when we did a similar event at the summer solstice – evening came, and it was, like the rest of the day, a most beautiful one. Here are the Redif family, at the finish of their walk. They have been supporters from the very beginning of our campaign, and came to the first ever meeting we held, back in October 2015. Ty Redif (on the left) made the film that we linked to earlier (here’s another link.) The other person in the photo in the white top was simply someone out enjoying the evening.

Thwe Redif family finish their walk as shadows lengthen.

Finally, as the sun was setting, here is John Lovelock, looking to the West this time. John did a sponsored walk for us in January and raised over a thousand pounds. It was very, very wet and muddy then – how different it was on this day in late September.

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