More about Victor

We are still raising money as hard we can, and our Total is now £113,671 (as of Monday evening.) We are also exploring any other ideas we can think of!

Meanwhile, we wanted to add a little more about Victor, the Romanian rescue dog who is well known by many who walk in the fields.

His owner Peter sent us this:

We were devastated at the loss of our 11 year old rescue Sprollie a few months ago and the Covid 19 lockdown made it especially difficult for us to rescue another dog via a UK shelter. We completed adoption requests with many UK rescue organisations but at that time very few of them were actively rehoming dogs.We decided to look further afield and heard about the terrible plight of dogs in some European countries, and especially Romania. We had heard about a UK charity based in the South West that brought dogs across mainly from shelters in Bucharest. Most of these dogs have either been abandoned and roam the streets trying to survive, or are on death row in ‘kill shelters’ run by the State.We registered with this charity and were able to satisfy their criteria to become an adopter for one of those lucky dogs listed on the charity’s website. We chose an 18 month old dog called Victor, and after paying a modest adoption fee he was brought to the UK via specially organised transport, along with eleven other dogs.Once in the UK the dogs were given time to decompress and settle in after their 3 day journey before being collected by their respective adopters.The day came in late July to collect Victor from Somerset, and he appears to have settled in to his new home remarkably well.Manning’s Pit has played its part in providing an essential escape for us all during the last 6 months, and like Victor, we all hope it will still be there to provide this escape for many generations to come.

Peter and Victor in the Rope Swing field.

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