Sunday’s Sunrise to Sunset Event

After starting a long post about this event, the draft failed to save properly, so we are going to do our best to reconstitute it. In June we marked the summer solstice with a Dawn to Dusk event, starting at 5am and finishing at 9.40pm. On Sunday the 20th September, we did another event, like a relay again, to mark the upcoming autumn equinox. This time we only had to start at 7am, and finish at 7pm.

Here is John, facing East for the sunrise.


Next to walk round the fields was Zsuzsa, looking very fit as she started off
Kate takes the metaphorical baton at 8am.
And she hands over to Bev at 8.30, strictly no touching….
Here are Chris and her neighbour at 9.30, with Wendy who had walked with Kate at 9oclock
At ten it was Paul from the Yeo Dale Hotel’s turn -the rest of his family were working, so they had to be there in spirit instead
At 10.30 it was time for our Secretary Chris and his wife Jane to take over…looking very fit.
At 11 it was the turn of four neighbours from Lynbro Road, including Ian Scott, seen here down by Manning’s Pit Bridge.
Then at 12 along came intrepid explorer Clare, who has carried Save Manning’s Pit banners to the Arctic, Greenland and Iceland.

The second instalment will be uploaded later!

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