Selaine Saxby MP comes to Manning’s Pit to show support

North Devon MP Selaine Saxby came to Manning’s Pit on Saturday 5th September to show her support for our campaign to buy the fields for the local community.

She also brought along a bottle of House of Commons wine, signed by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson (who held up a Buy Manning’s Pit poster last November.) This bottle was going to be a Prize in our planned Charity Auction but that had to be postponed because of the pandemic. We look forward to the time when all is back to normal and we can hold such events again. Make no mistake, whatever happens at the Auction where Manning’s Pit is for sale, the Friends of Manning’s Pit will be carrying on! In fact we are in the middle of organising another important event, news of which will be announced soon.

The photographs show Selaine with some members of our group, in their social distancing bubbles, and Selaine handing over the bottle of wine in the recommended social distancing manner. The cows didn’t bother with social distancing.

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