Here are John Lovelock  and Wendy (with Twinkle) our two walking fund raisers, meeting at the moment before sunset in Manning’s Pit on the longest day of the year.

The damp dawn had turned into a most beautiful day, with balmy sunshine and blue skies. Throughout the day local people who love Manning’s Pit had been quietly taking part in a special social distancing version of a relay, the priority being that from Dawn to Dusk supporters would be taking turns to wend their way around the fields that so many people love.

Photographs have already gone up on Twitter and Facebook, and more will come here, but there were many highlights. More than anything, there was a wonderful feeling of people coming together, from all ages and walks of life, sharing a common purpose, something that seems extra special in these difficult times.

The event also signalled the fact that our campaign. to Buy Manning’s Pit – quiet during full lockdown – is active again. It is probable that Manning’s Pit (called Land to the East of Windsor Road by auctioneers who had no idea of what a special place they were listing in their catalogue) may go back for sale again.


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