The walk – what happened next:

Having survived the muddy slopes of Tutshill Wood (where Chris had fallen over earlier and Robin was next to fall over in the mud) we reached the grassy fields again. By the time we were ready to go up Shearford Lane, John was in the lead.


At the top of Shearford Lane, we met up with Wendy Robinson and Twinkle, and Susan Jarvis. Robin had to go home as he had other tasks ahead of him, so we said goodbye with many thanks.

Next, it was time to walk up to the Hospital. This was important to John, as he has had quite a few emergency admissions there in the last few years.  We also feel that Manning’s Pit has an important part to play in the health of the local community, in so many ways, both mental and physical.

Here are John, Kate and Wendy, with Twinkle, posing outside the Accident and Emergency Department, where John was treated for his dog bite on New Year’s Day. John is showing off the Air Ambulance sticker that he was given recently.


A kind lady, waiting for a bus, asked why we were there, and gave a donation, although she does not live near Manning’s Pit.  From here, it was on to Manning’s Pit again, by road. Twinkle, Wendy and Kate left us for a time, and we went on for the last stage, which was through Manning’s Pit, by Hall’s Mill Lane and Bradiford, where we picked up another supporter and her dog Leo. The clouds became dark, and there were hail showers, so we didn’t take photos as we had hoped in the last part of the valley, except for this one, at the end of the footpath, where it meets the main road at Pottington.


From then on it was road, Chaddiford Lane, Bellaire, Church Lane and down Pilton Street.

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