The Finish

As before, the walk finished below the Buy Manning’s Pit Banner hanging on the front of the Yeo Dale Hotel. We were very grateful to have Selaine Saxby, our new MP, to help hold the finishing tape. Ian Roome, our District Councillor, had hoped to be there too, but was unfortunately unable to make it. District Councillor Robbie Mack, who came on an earlier part of the walk, had also hoped to make it but wasn’t able to do so.

Here is John coming round corner towards the finish. He’s still wearing his rubber glove, and has kept his bandage clean and dry throughout the whole walk.


John reaches the finishing tape, held by Selaine Saxby and Katie Martin, to a big cheer.


Johns Walk 4sm

Johns Walk 5sm

You can just spot Twinkle and Wendy behind him.

And here he is holding the tape, afterwards, before we all went into the Yeo Dale Hotel, to be given tea and cakes by the owners, Sarah and Paul, who have been such  staunch supporters throughout our campaigns.

Thank you again to Selaine Saxby, and well done everyone, and we are so grateful to all who took part or came along to support us. John has raised well over £900, with more donations coming in still.




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