More photos from the walk

Here is a set showing how we crossed the muddy valley:


First John goes over and then skirts the really boggy mud


Next Katie climbs over


Now Richard climbs over. Note how Katie turns up the hill avoiding the worst place, but Richard forgets and goes downwards, only to get stuck in the deepest mud. Chris Bulpett, watching and taking these photos, comes across and with Robin (seen behind Richard at the stile) they eventually manage to rescue Richard, pulling him out of the bog.  Up on the slope I watch, and laugh at their exertions (which do look funny) only to slip myself and land in the mud.


With a bad left knee and wonky right hip, I can’t get up, and my feet keep slipping away on the slippery slope, until the rescuers come.  Serves me right for laughing!


Even Nat came to help. The photo doesn’t show how slippery and steep the slope was.  At one point it felt like we all might slide down together, but somehow it all worked out. Chris who took these photos had earlier had a big slip himself, while in Tutshill Woods. He was wearing waterproofs, luckily.  The one person to keep really clean of mud was John, none of us know how he managed it so well!


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