January 17th 2020, John’s Walk

During our Fund Raising Campaign we have in general been putting all News on our Facebook Page and the special News page on the website.

For this day, we may be uploading some photos of John Lovelock’s Sponsored walk as it takes place. They will be posted below – if this is not possible, go to the News Page for updates after the walk, or Facebook.

startReady to set off.  Despite a heavy downpour quite a few people turned up to see us off, including Wendy and Twinkle.

Johns Walk 2sm

Here we are about to leave, although Robbie Mack hasn’t as yet climbed over the gate. John waves, displaying his rubber glove. He wore it throughout the walk, to protect the bandage on his finger that mustn’t get wet.

We were surprised how very wet the fields were, and even more shocked by the caramel colour of the water streaming down the field near Shearford Lane. This was obviously coming from building work in the field higher up.

Susan who had started with us, dropped off around then, as she had to go home, but was replaced by Richard and his dog Nat. They were out for a walk and decided to join us.

Here are two photos from inside the entrance to Tutshill Woods. L to R, Katie, Christine, Richard, John and Robin.


robbie_woodsThe second photograph includes Barnstaple Town and District Councillor Robbie Mack, who took the earlier photo.

It took quite a long time getting thorugh the woods because everywhere was so slippery. We took care to avoid the worst muddy places.  The river by the footpath towards Blakewell was a roaring torrent. We meant to take more photographs at Blakewell but were too busy drinking our very welcome coffee at the Waterside Cafe. You can see good photos at this link here.

waterside_cafe_blakewellFirst stop at the Blakewell Fisheries Waterside Cafe, where Robbie decided to leave us as he had to get back for a meeting in town.  Chris and Kate had come though the woods and were waiting to meet us so we hurried on back, stopping only to admire this building, an old Mill:

IMG_20200117_115607 (1)

We reached the muddiest part of the walk, and saw Kate waiting across the way, with a sign she had made that morning.

All we had to do was carefully navigate the mud….


Go to the next section for what happened next!  (Because of the way this was posted, you have to scroll up, not down.)


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