March update

Not very much is happening this month! Well, that is news of a sort!

It is a year now since the application for building permission  on Manning’s Pit was withdrawn. A lot has happened since then, all of it good, but the land is still owned by London-based speculators, so we cannot claim victory yet.

However, as we settle down for what may be another long “phoney war”  we think we are entitled to a little break, which is why we haven’t been posting much here for a while.  You can be assured that we haven’t gone away, and in fact we are working towards our next Exhibition, which will be in July, at the Green Man Festival.

Along with the Exhibition there will be a Photographic Competition, details of which will be posted soon.

We have other plans in store as well, for the future, and we would like to add that we always welcome new supporters, so if you have recently moved into Pilton and would like to become involved, do contact us through the email link on our website,

Pussy Willow  Catkins near Manning’s Pit are among our first signs of spring.


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