Presentation Evening- Group Photograph

poetry comp (1) From left to right:  Richard Westcott (Highly Commended),  Julia Bird (the Judge),  Ryan Vowles (First 18 and Under),  David Weeks (Executive Director,  The Week Magazine) Alex Meller (Third, 11 and Under),  Frances Corkey Thompson (Second, Adults),  Mark Totterdell (First, Adults),  Megumi Cox (Highly Commended),  Vincent Burton (2nd, 11 and Under),  Mark Haworth Booth (3rd, Adults),  Sheena Ferguson (Highly Commended),  and Brian Norman (whose poem The Battle of Manning’s Pit gave us the idea for the competition).  Thanks to Tim Saunders for the photograph of those who were able to attend the presentation.

Sadly, because of illness, Toby and Theo Lawrence and Anne Beer were unable to come, and the same was true for the two students from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, Holly Cooke and Lily Gentry.

More photographs to be added later today, and then a link to all the videos.

All the winning poems are on the website here:


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