Important News

if you spoke to us at the Green Man Festival you probably know this already, but we have two items that we are making public.

Firstly, following the withdrawal by Summix Ltd of their application to build on the Manning’s Pit fields, our solicitor wrote to them to say that we were interested in purchasing the land. That was April. Three months later, there has still been no reply to that letter, which is an obvious reason why we presume the threat to Manning’s Pit has not gone away. So keep refreshing your posters and make sure that everyone knows we have not won the battle yet!

Secondly, we have asked North Devon Council to have Manning’s Pit listed as an Asset of Community Value. If this listing is successful, it will mean that if the owners (Summix Ltd) want to sell the land, local community groups will have up to six months to prepare a bid to try and buy it on the open market.

This does not give complete protection because after six months Summix Ltd can still sell to whoever they choose, but we feel this is also an important way of marking how much Manning’s Pit means to the local community.

You can read more about the Community Right to Bid here:

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