A “Small” Thank You Party


We had a party  Saturday night to say thank you to all those who have supported the Save Manning’s Pit campaign over the  two and a half years since it started.  Summix  have withdrawn their planning application, but they still own Manning’s Pit, and may have other plans for it, we do not know as yet.  At the same time, it seemed a good time to have a small “thank you” party. The big one will happen when we know – we hope, one day – that Manning’s Pit is safe for ever.

As small parties go, it was quite a big one, and a fantastic time was had by all of us.  Everyone enjoyed seeing Martin Kemp’s wonderful  film “The Magic of Manning’s Pit” again on a big screen, and the icing on the cake was having Brian Norman and John Norman there for “The Battle of Manning’s Pit.”  Tim Saunders recited his poem  “Ode to the Setaceous Hebrew Character” ( you can read the full poem here ) which was written following a Moth Survey in Manning’s Pit by John and Mary Breeds of the Braunton Countryside Centre.
Kate Shaw read a couple of short poems, Binsey Poplars by Gerard Manley Hopkins and The Poplar Field by William Cowper. These poems, probably written in  1879 and 1773, expressed feelings about lost countryside that are as relevant now to all of us who care about the future of Manning’s Pit..

We all enjoyed ourselves and there was a fantastic amount of food and drink – Pilton people are just so generous! It was great to meet some new people as well.  Here are some photographs, which show us us watching the films, the films and poems being introduced by our MC, Chris Bulpett, Kate Shaw reading her chosen poems, Bev Snowden and some of our fantastic team (including Cerys. Wendy, Joe, Jan and John) setting up beforehand, plus the ceremonial cutting by Christine Lovelock of the special and amazing chocolate cake made for the occasion by Jane Bulpett.  Not a crumb was left!



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