The Golden Lion

This Inn, in Boutport Street, Barnstaple, was next door to the Fortescue Hotel, when Hector Hugh Munro (Saki) and his family went down to see the exciting events that took place on the polling day of the famous and important By-Election of February 1880.

They sat upstairs in rooms above what is now Youing’s shop on the corner of the High Street and Boutport Street, looking across at the Golden Lion. It is highly probable that  they saw Lord Lymington give his victory speech from the Balcony of the Fortescue (you can just spot the edge of the balcony, in the illustration that we show.)

The Golden Lion is no longer there, but the building remains and is the premises of “The Bank” restaurant (the Golden Lion Tap which is around the corner, in the Square, is still a pub)

Fuller details of that day’s events, to include Ethel M Munro’s comments, a report from the North Devon Journal, and other information, can be found on our website at this page:

You can also find more about our Museum Exhibition here:





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