From J M W Turner to Zodiac Mindwarp

Our Exhibition at the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon opens today. As there is another small Exhibition in the adjacent space, a few people have seen it already,  but it opens officially today, and will run until May 20th.  The other Exhibition closes on April 20th and from that date we will have more exhibits on show.

Mark Manning, also known as Zodiac Mindwarp of the band Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction,  lived very close to Manning’s Pit at one time, and we are thrilled that he has supported our Exhibition with one of his paintings that feature Rupert bear, titled Childhood’s End.  Do come and see it – it is quite stunning.

Damien Hirst, who of course won the Turner Prize, is one of many to recognise Mark’s talents as an artist. and has bought over forty of his paintings.

The link to Turner in our headline concerns something more tenuous, but interesting – we will say more about this in our next post, which will be about the eminent Victorian artist Frederick Richard Lee, whose works are also featured in our Exhibition.


Zodiac Mindwarp





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