“Killer” Skittles at The Green Man

The Manning’s Pit Events Band Waggon rolled on to the Green Man in Pilton Street last night for our second Fun Skittles night, and yet again a local business did us proud. Thank you very much to Josie and staff for the use of the Skittle Alley, the chicken and vegetable curries and also a generous donation towards the campaign.
Chris Bulpett – one of the stars of our film, and one of our three speakers at Thursday’s Town Council Meeting – organised the evening, so he deserves a special thanks too. As do all the other kind and generous people who donated towards funds (and the well supported Raffle.)
We were all enjoying the game so much that we forgot to take photographs, so here is one of Mr and Mrs Manning.  They both kept their shop aprons on, but Mrs M decided to wear her best lace collar at the last minute (perhaps to please Benjamin, who had been a lacemaker when he first came to Pilton.). While the first set of Mr and Mrs Manning Skittles  are now living close to the sea, this second set will be taking up its home in Abbey Road.
If you don’t know the full story of Benjamin Manning, who lived in Pilton in the mid 1980’s, there is more information in the history section of our website (see our About Page)
mannings4, and we are still researching his life.  Any more information about him would be gratefully received.

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