We have support from all the local political parties.

Two prominent local politicians have said they hope to make it to the Town Council Meeting on Thursday – Sir Nick Harvey (former North Devon Liberal Democrat MP) and Steve Crowther (former UKIP party Chairman.) They were both candidates in the last general election, and they have both signed our petition. As mentioned yesterday, Peter Heaton Jones, Conservative MP, has also given us strong support, although he will not be able to make Thursday’s meeting.

Mark Cann, who was the Labour General Election candidate, and Ricky Knight (who was himself a former Town Council Member and lead candidate for the Green Party in a previous General Election) have also given us their support. Ricky in fact was a teacher in Pilton for many years, and his wife was brought up in Bradiford, within two minutes walk of Manning’s Pit.

Here’s Ricky speaking in December 2015, following our Save Manning’s Pit Rally and March in Barnstaple.  This wasn’t a professionally made video – as is obvious – but he speaks for us all when he talks about what Manning’s Pit means to him and his family.


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